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When Time Management Fails You

Energy Management

Feral Witches
(and Sensitive Bitches)

Three Thursdays at 6pm PST:
October 27
th, November 3rd, November 10th!

whether you're

  • switch from trying to manage time to managing energy

  • learn how to get things done whether overwhelmed, emotional, tired, or wild

  • discover what your real energy cycles are and how to work with them

  • learn easy tips and tricks to make nearly any task or project doable for you

  • experience an increase in productivity and decrease in anxiety, guilt, and overwhelm the more you use this system

  • super simple things you can learn fast and easily utilize - even if you only do the very first thing you learn in this course, and nothing else, your life will be changed for the better

  • finally a system that can actually work for neurodivergent people's brains

  • get tools for everything from the simplest of to-do's to the biggest projects so they work FOR you, not against you

  • implement at your own pace and get benefit right out of the gate

  • waste less time and energy every single day

  • 3 live weekly calls of 60-90 minutes each that are also recorded

  • all worksheets and supports for easy download

  • this will be fun, insightful, and empowering

  • Group chat with support, care, and sharing!

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I have ADHD - will this program work for me?
While everyone is different, this program has been used very successfully by people with ADHD - it was designed by a neurodivergent person and has been used more than 15 years and has changed lives.

What if I don't like the course, can I get my money back?
You have up to three days after taking the first class to decide if you like this. If, during that time, you decide you want a refund, you will get a 100% refund, no questions asked.

How long will I have access to this course?
At least 1 year. Hopefully, indefinitely. I'm new to the online course world and am figuring all this out. But definitely 1 year. I will remain active in the Group chat for one week after the course ends, so you can ask questions and get help directly from me for up to a month after you take the course.


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