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Step into the Primal Depths
of the
Dragon Mother

Created to aid Witches, Healers, and other Strange Creatures on the Initiatory Path, this oracle deck is the living companion to the book Savage Awakening. 

This 44 card fundraising offer features:

  • Card size 3.5" x 5"

  • 24 cards - six from each of the Four Paths 

  • 13 General Cards

  • 7 Planetary Cards

  • Guide Book 

  • Video poem of each card (44 unique videos in all)

  • High Quality Printing

  • Luxuriously thick card stock

  • Just $50 for all of this (shipping calculated at check-out)

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I want these to be not only beautiful, but quality cards that will last and are produced here in the US. The larger the run we can do, the less cost-per-deck, so the more decks we can have produced for the investment! These will be done with a high-quality printing option, which gives a rich print color and the luxurious cards. Doing these right means the out-of-pocket expense is prohibitive. 

My goal is to raise $10,000 by the end of 2023. The sooner the funds are raised, the sooner the printing process can be started!

Once the funds are raised, the turn-around for the decks will be approximately 8 weeks after the initial proof is approved. If funds are raised by the end of 2023, this means decks can be shipping by mid-Feb to early March! 

about the deck

Not long after I wrote the book "Savage Awakening: Initiatory Paths of the Dragon Mother", I awoke from a dream with very clear instruction that I was to create an oracle deck as an aid for those on the Initiatory Path. I immediately started to think of artists I might reach out to when I heard, clear as a bell, "No, you are going to create it." 


Not knowing how, I listened through my body and followed how I was pulled. When I sat down to create the images, I had no idea what I was making, what shape the deck would follow, nothing.


Each time I sat down, I was told what card I was making and it flowed from there. I worked obsessively for nearly a month and, when I was finished, realized the deck had 6 cards for each of the 4 paths and 13 General Cards. I was blown away that it came out like this. 

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I knew the deck wasn't complete but I had not yet learned what the final cards would be so I stepped away. Later, the final cards were revealed to be the 7 planets that our earliest ancestors could see with the naked eye, including the Sun and the Moon. 


The imagery in this deck is rich and layered. Each card is a meditation that will speak to your deeper self and guide you to the wisdom within. As you use the deck, different aspects of the card will stand out more than others in each reading, giving emphasis to a particular "flavor" of that card's message for the reading. 
Unlike many decks, this deck is meant to be touched and used only by you. This bonds you to each other, giving readings a relational potency - where the deck comes alive and the spirit of the deck, as well as the spirits of the Unseen, actively communicate with you. If you've not bonded with a deck in this way, the booklet that comes with the deck teaches a simple ritual to do so. The readings, insights, and transformations that come from working with a deck in this way is nothing short of astounding. 

I highly recommend this deck for people who give readings to others, as well as for Healers and other practitioners who may encounter clients who are in the throes of spiritual initiation. Familarizing yourself with the signs of spiritual initiation should be a priority for every practitioner. 

Meet the Cards

(clicking the image will expand it)

PATH CARDS: There are 6 cards for each of the Initiatory Paths. These cards will deepen your understanding of the Paths themselves, as well as give  incredible insight into how these paths pull, effect, and work through us, helping you to see the impact they are having on you. This gives an unique context to the things we experience, allowing us to see things differently than our conditioned minds usually do. This "path" insight can help us accept some of the less savory, taboo, or more unusual aspects of of ourselves.

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GENERAL CARDS: There are 13 general cards. These cards help us to get to know the strange forces that we encounter on this journey. They will give you insight into factors affecting you that are not tied to any particular one of the paths. They tend to show a more general view of how initiatory energies pull us deeper and the unique metaphysics that affect those on an initiatory path. This insight can help us struggle less to "fit in" and turn more clearly toward our truth. 

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PLANETARY CARDS: These are the last cards I was instructed to make. At first I wasn't sure how they fit into this deck, but I've learned to do what I am told, so I started to create them. Lo and behold, as I created each card, wave after wave of profound understanding came through as to how truly potent these planetary beings are for those on this path. They augment this deck, and will aid your path, in more ways than I could even begin to say here. 

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BACK OF CARDS: This deck can be read upright-only, or you can incorporate reversals if that is your preference. To accomodate all reader-styles, I have made sure the card backs do not reveal which orientation any card might be in. 

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BOOKLET: I'm not yet sure how many pages the booklet will be as I'm still writing it! So far I think it will be under 60 pages total. The booklet offers keywords for each card then a short description. Below is a sample of the first 6 pages, including the booklet cover, so you can see the table of contents to get an idea what's inside. This booklet will be the same size as the deck and will come included inside the oracle deck box. 


How It Works

Choose if you would like to pre-order the oracle, if you'd like to donate to the fundraiser, or both! Donations can be any amount, even $1 helps!

Once the funds have been raised, I will work with the printer to get the decks and booklet and deck case created. They will send me a "proof", which is a physical sample of the deck, booklet, and case, so I can make sure everything looks and feels right. Once approved, they will print the first run of decks. Then they will ship them to me. 

Once I have them in my hot little hands, I will begin shipping the pre-order purchases to you all! 


With your shipment notification, you will also recieve a web link to a page that will have 44 short video poems made for each card. These video poems capture the feel, or essence, of each card to help you build connection and understanding with them. Between the booklet that comes with the deck, these video poems, video readings or talks I do in the future about the deck, and the forum on my membership site, you will be getting a great deal of support and insight into these cards.

I appreciate your support, enthusiasm, and feedback you have given me about my book and I I very much look forward to bringing this deck to life! It is a rare honor these days to be a wyrdo in this world and to find community and a place to share these Strange Ways. 

May She bless you and keep you and yours safe and without want. 

Oracle Deck
with booklet, card box, and video series

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