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I was 7 years old and it was an early summer day. My mom, uncle, and aunt were standing in the dirt driveway, talking about something very adult-y. As I watched them, I realized they looked like they were inside some kind of bubble - they were someplace besides where I was, where the cows grazing in the field were. They didn't notice the crab apple tree or the little butterfly floating not far from them. They were not in the same place as the lizards and the wind - they couldn't "see" any of us, even though we could all clearly see them.
I realized in that moment what I had felt my entire short life: most people are not in the real world - they are in a world of their own making. I also realized that they were missing something crucial in their disconnection, something that was making them, and consequently the rest of us, unwell. 
I took a vow then and there to figure out what was going on and to help humans get back into right relationship with what I now call "Primal Reality" - the Deeper Intelligence and the many beings that we share this world with.

I was already a wyrd little kid - I started to spontaneously give massages at the age of 2 and at 4 I had my first healing experience with a spider. But the realization I had that early summer day truly activated me. I dove into human anatomy and foot reflexology and began to form a beginning working model of BodyMind Integration. And I never stopped.I have since spent the rest of my life up until this very moment utterly dedicated to the vow I took. I have worked with thousands of people over many decades and I have lived, studied, and experienced more than many can imagine.
More importantly, I have spent my entire life in intimate, profound relationship with Beings of the Unseen realm as my guides, teachers, and companions - they show me underneath the surface of things.

Most potently, my entire life has been covered with the fingerprints of the Great Mother.  She has touched and guided and pulled and protected me since I can remember. Looking back with what I now know, She has been there all along.
My path lead to the inevitability of ritually dedicating myself to Her. Soon after, my clients began to spontaneously call me "Mama" and "Aunty". After my ritual, the Mother energy that has always been in me quickened, and rose. And it rose fiercely.

I do not view myself as the mother to all - what I experience is THE Mother, the Grandmother of all Life, the Ancient Serpent, pouring through me into this world. I dream Her. I breathe Her. I hear Her. I taste Her. She has consumed me, utterly, breaking me into meaningless pieces that have cohesion only in relationship, and service, to Her.
I never know what She is going to do with a person through me. Sometimes She is merciless. Most times She is profoundly loving beyond all comprehension, even 
when it doesn't appear to be so in the moment. All times She is a mystery. My life is Hers and She is the one who has guided me here to avail myself in this way to the ones She calls to Her. I do not know what She has in mind for you. But I can tell you this:

you can be what you truly are, in this world, and it can be beautiful.
I hope this online community for Witches, healers, and humans serves you well.


I didn’t come here for some soul lesson, to learn something. I came here to heal the chasm between the Seen and the Unseen – to wake humans from the poisonous sleep of their forgetting – to be a beacon in the foul dark to all those that have not truly lost their memory but merely need the loving rage of the Mother to rouse the fiery truth of their own spirit and call them Home.


She looks through my eyes

at you we

both sense Her 


taking up space like


seeping into 

a cold room

she spreads into 

your rib cage as

words spill from me


they spill

I want to tell you

"do not be afraid!"

but I know 

what She does to 

those She loves so

I try to prepare you for

what's coming

every cell in me

sings Her 

calling forth

what you are 

sinking fangs 

into what you 

are not Her 


dissolving your pain into 


so excruciating this


but look


what she does in me for


Her ancient fire

making me the

Dragon Mother 

I stand 

behind you

greedy for any

who try to stop

your holy birth




beautiful flame!"

for you are

not ever


I am grateful to my first teachers, Spider and Wind, for teaching me about energy and for showing me the deep, wondrous beauty of this life. I am grateful to Cedar for giving me the first lesson: to listen. I am grateful to rattlesnake for teaching me about gentleness and power and transmuting poisons. I am grateful to the Dream Teachers who have come to me since I was a child and taught me steadily and profoundly and often with humor. I am grateful to Them the Good Neighbors and profoundly grateful to the Ancestors. I am grateful to Robin Artisson for his work, his brilliance, his devotion, his courage, his integrity, and his dangerous soul - your influence and resources have been life-changing.
and I am grateful beyond words to the beautiful spiritual daughters who have made me the mother that I am- i love you in this life and the next.

Hail the Andedion! Hail the Master of Spirits! Hail the Dragon Mother, Creator of us All!

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