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The Goddess Freya stands atop a hill, hands on her hips, surveying a smoldering battlefield. The battle is over and has been won.

This oil is for when the battle is hard and long and you MUST win. Reaching out in ritual to a goddess of battle would pair well with this. Dab onto legal papers, bills, yourself, anything where victory is desired or needed.

Red and spicy, Sorcery adds oomph to any spell, ritual, or occasion when you need extra magic to make sure things really work. A lovely base dressing for candles, your hands, or altar tools, it also works well to consecrate jewelry, dab on papers, or mark sacred sigils onto things, including yourself.

Courage gives strength in the face of challenge. It allows us to move forward when we would rather hide. It helps us to face what is difficult or overwhelming. Courage bolsters our resolve and supports our ability to stay grounded and energized in the face of fear. Use this oil in spells and rituals designed to cause the needed inner change to become the person who can face, and change, their life.

To consecrate means to declare that something is holy or sacred. I consecrate all of the jewelry I wear and store my staple pieces on my altar. I consecrated my car, the boxes I store my divination tools in, my house, even the parts of my body that have needed to be reclaimed and healed.

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