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I created this incense when I began to do an ancestor practice in earnest. This incense is meant as an offering, with rich, earthy ingredients to please ancestors from any culture. Use daily or for the most special rituals – it’s wonderful for requests, thanks, and general offerings. Also excellent for space cleansing.

Breaking Free is a wonderfully beautiful formula – pale purple with shimmering crystals. Use to free yourself from societal, familial, and personal limits that hold you back or keep you from being your true self. Gain courage, self-expression, and a lightening of the burden of outdated beliefs. Clear the hold unhealthy patterns have on your freedom.

 Free Your Mind was created for people who are dealing with mental demons. It is made to clear energy parasites, excessively negative thoughts, and being held hostage by your own mind. It wards off negative entities and gives one hope and courage. This is best used with other measures in cases where actual energy parasites may be possessing someone’s thinking. The formula is made of plants that truly repulse negative energies.

LoveLove increases the impact of love on any situation. Promotes qualities of the self that lead to being more loving. Excellent for tension, fighting, and resentment between people, it helps people make-up faster, increases openness, and minimizes tension between people. It nourishes connection, even in the face of difference.. Wherever love is needed, this formula brings it.

Rapturous, decadent, sensual, ancient, and powerfully nurturing. Soul food for the weary, the giving, the drained, the depleted, the world-worn. Nourish is deeply restoring and makes the world just dissolve away as it carries you into the arms of the Goddess.

This incense came to me in a dream. Red Crow captures an essence that is fierce, powerful, and wild. It is women dancing around a fire at night in the forest. It is visions and drum beats. It is howling and magic and the Unseen.

Plenty helps you work with the metaphysics of having enough. It helps you do the inner work to get rid of what blocks you from having plenty in your life.
Use this formula to free yourself from the constraints of your struggles, using it in abundance rituals. Also use Plenty to make the changes inside yourself to clear the way for the outside reality to support you. Increases motivation, inspiration, and opportunity.

Turn any place into a sacred space with Sanctuary. Purify, cleanse, protect, uplift, and shield. This incense promotes peace and harmony and makes your space feel so welcoming. Great for saning any space, object, or person. A versatile, really nice blend. The cedar is from the property where I live.

Sand is the perfect substrate for burning charcoal. Absorbs heat to prevent burning surfaces. Great to use in incense burners or even a tea cup.

This charcoal burns clean, is very low spark, and burns well and long. My favorite choice for burning incense.

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