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Vibrational Essences clear patterns that obstruct our true spirit. Illness, trauma, and social conditioning are all helped immensely by these formulas.

The way the essences work can sometimes be immediate, and sometimes so subtle you don’t notice how profoundly you’ve changed until an issue just seems to vanish. They can be used by any living being under any condition - adults, children, animals, plants - with no contraindications or side-effects.


This formula is a wonderful partner to the Free Your Mind incense.
I created this for people who are plagued with negative or dark thoughts, energy parasites, mental disturbances, excess mental pressure, looping negativity you can’t break out of, anxiety, and obsessive thinking. This formula is for people who are tyrannized by their thoughts. Helps with jumbled thoughts, concentration issues, and sleep disturbance from mental and emotional stress.
The longer you have dealt with these disturbances, the longer you should take this formula. 

New Beginnings addresses the deep anxiety, fear, stress, and insecurity that comes with starting a new life. It can take a toll! 

Starting over, starting anew, requires confidence, a strong will, and a sense of purpose and direction.
This formula helps you get through this time with more ease, excitement and confidence.

This formula isn’t just for people who have difficulty setting boundaries, but also for people who can’t respect others’ boundaries. It helps us be balanced and healthy, restoring our ability to sense and respect boundaries - including our own.
This formula also addresses energetic boundaries and is wonderful for people who tend to “pick up” energy parasites, thought forms, and other people’s emotions.
Excellent for when boundary issues show up as skin conditions, parasites, infections, and weight issues.

This formula can be used first for one month to prepare you to receive, and benefit from, any other formula. Clear the Way addresses the most common core issues that can block other formulas from working.
If you feel you may have some trauma, self-esteem issues, feelings of worthiness, shame, guilt, or aren’t allowed to feel your true feelings, this is the formula to start with. 

What to Expect from Your Vibrational Essence Journey

Adapted from Patricia Kaminski’s “Four R’s”

Each essence you take will be needed for 1-3 months. As your original symptoms shift, new facets will emerge, deeper layers will be uncovered, and places where you are not aligned with your true essence will be revealed.
As this happens you will decide if these symptoms are the result of your current formula causing shifts or a new phase of your transformation. If you are in a new phase, look for another essence to support what is emerging. If you are simply responding to your current formula, you will continue with it.
The perfect course for the most thorough transformation is typically 12 months. 


The Four Primary Stages of Flower Essence Actions:

Stage One: Relief


Relief can be characterized by many sensations. Relief may be experienced as a release of excess or dysfunctional energy, a general feeling of calm, or a sense of renewed stamina. Many diverse, but short-lived symptoms may accompany this stage. These shifting symptoms occur as the energetic relationship between body, personality, and soul comes into a new alignment. 


Stage Two: Awareness and Insight


Benefits of the flower essences can now be more distinctly felt in the mental field, producing a variety of awarenesses. Thoughts and feelings that operated below consciousness can now be identified and there is increased objectivity and clarity. We are more free to make choices about how we think and feel and may find new solutions that were previously unavailable to us. 


Stage Three: This Sucks


It may appear that things have worsened or have regressed to an earlier stage of dysfunction. True change involves conscious choice and this often means that we must revisit our original wounding or trauma in order to bring new understanding in a way that may not have previously been possible. Stage Three addresses underlying or unhealed aspects stored within us and where our personality and our essence are out of alignment. 


Stage Four: Renewal and Re-membering


In this stage we often see the emergence of entirely new aspects of the self.  The active transformation of character imbalances results in new strengths and creative choices which would not have been possible without such inner work.


Note: Vibrational Essences can be taken at any time and will not interfere with, or negatively interact with, any other therapy, medicine, drug, etc., as they are vibrational, not chemical, in action.
Do not store in the refrigerator - your formula is properly preserved and will last indefinitely.
Do not take more than four drops at once - more is not better - frequency is more important than amount. Follow the instructions given. Flower remedies are not a replacement for medical care. 

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