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Reading this book is like its own initiation.

I often had to stop and process sections, not because they were too intellectually difficult to understand... but because they made such an impact on multiple levels, I needed to pause and sit with (or act on) what I was feeling to get through it.


Savage Awakening maps the journey of spiritual initiation experienced by Witches, Healers, and other Strange Creatures. The journey is unique for each of us, but the terrain is the same. This book maps that terrain and gives crucial information and support as you traverse this often treacherous territory.

Grounding, assuring, supportive, and real, author Sadee Whip walks with the reader through the gut-wrenching, profound, beautiful, and terrifying experience that is Initiation. Written for people new to this path, as well as those who are advanced along it, the reader will discover information that is found nowhere else about the Four Paths of Initiation, and gain tools and insights for how to navigate this territory.

Sadee is brutally honest about what the initiatory path is as she guides the reader with compassion, straight-talk, and keen insight through the remarkable journey of being utterly undone and remade into something truly strange.

Initiation is real and it is savage. This book serves not only individuals on this path, but practitioners who are encountering the increasing number of people who are being caught up by it. The mitigating orientation and practical approach revealed in these pages can make the difference between swimming or sinking for those truly in the grips of this path.

Throughout the book, Sadee charges us with becoming more relational, ecosystemic, and honoring of the many beings of the Unseen realm. Her wisdom guides us deeper into our own embodied wisdom and the ability to learn from the spirits themselves, leading us ultimately toward the ancient being at the heart of it all, the one she calls the Dragon Mother.

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