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ours is not a path of enlightenment
but of

Savage Awakening

“It’s blowing my mind, breaking open my heart, rattling my core and speaking to my soul.”

we inhabit different aspects of ourselves at different times

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Welcome to The Dragon Mother
Everything here is designed for you

You may be a Healer, but you are not always a Healer - sometimes you may be very much in your human experience, struggling with anxiety or personal relationships or family patterns. By the same token, you may be Human, but this aspect of you sinks into the background as Witch or Healer surfaces. 
We are dynamically called into the various aspects of the self as a responsive aliveness to Life.
What about when these selves all surface at the same time?
What about when these selves become fully integrated within us?
We need models and supports that meet us where we are at in any moment - that dynamically move with us - that are based on what we actually are.
Modern models fail us in the most crucial ways - wasting precious time and energy as we try to piecemeal together the things that we need.
It doesn't have to be that way.

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