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Sex Magic

natural, edible ingredients

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Frankincense and cardamom pair beautifully for a spiritually uplifting experience. Smells like a temple. DEEPEN spiritual connection.


Ingredients: coconut oil, damiana, vervain, essental oils of frankenscense and cardamom, stevia

Ylang ylang and clary sage pair together to bring calm, ease tension, and relieve anxiety all while increasing sensuality. Peace, calm, improved mood, happiness, balance so you can PLAY.


Ingredients: coconut oil, damiana, vervain, essental oils of ylang ylag and clary sage, stevia

With hints of orange and ginger paired with the sensual scent of damiana, GROWL increases physical arousal. Embodiment, lust, sensuality, and heightens physical sensations.

Ingredients: coconut oil, damiana, vervain, essental oils of ginger and sweet orange, stevia

  • increase blood flow

  • increase libido

  • enhance mood

  • great for menopause and post-menopause

  • perfect for sacred sex

  • safe to use anywhere on, or in, the body



Ancient Aphrodisiac: Damiana has been used for centuries as an aphrodisiac

Increases arousal: heightens sexual arousal

Increases stamina: last longer and enjoy it

Preventative: Helps prevent bladder and urinary infections

Rich scent: mild chocolatey scent that is incredibly sensual

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Kills Harmful Microorganisms: has antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties

Scent-Free and Safe: I use a steam-deodorized, organic coconut oil, no harmful chemicals that are typical for other oils

Sexy: coconut oil gives a unique, incomparable glide that is great for sex and massage

Low Melting Point: coconut oil melts above 72 degrees, perfect for human bodies 

Coconut oil



Ancient and Revered: used by many cultures as the “herb of love”

Protective: protects people from negative emotions

Magic: particularly revered herb for sex magic

Sexual Fulfillment: brings added bliss to intimacy

Each formula contains a bit of stevia for sweetness as well as special pairings of body safe essential oils for an enhanced, exquisite experience

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