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This is the only formula I make that is designed to not smell totally delicious, and for good reason. Free Your Mind was created for people who are dealing with mental demons. It is made to clear energy parasites, excessively negative thoughts, and being held hostage by your own mind. It wards off negative entities and gives one hope and courage. This is best used with other measures in cases where actual energy parasites may be possessing someone’s thinking. The formula is made of plants that truly repulse negative energies.
Scent: It smells a bit like hell and a garden had a baby – sulphury and strangely fresh. It’s definitely not going to choke you out or leave your space stinky, but you won’t want to burn it just for fun.
Ingredients: borage, asafoetida, camphor, fennel, basil EO

Free Your Mind

SKU: 203
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