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This charcoal burns clean, is very low spark, and burns well and long. My favorite choice for burning incense.
To use: hold charcoal cup-side-down. Hold at an angle with end furthest from fingers angled upward. This allows the heat of the match to go up instead of potentially burning fingers if you hold it level. Hold lighted match to charcoal until it begins to spark a bit – usually about 15 seconds. Set charcoal in a dish of sand inside of a heat-resistant container or incense burner. Allow to sit for a minute while it continues to light itself. Then sprinkle with a pinch of your favorite Aura incense. Add more incense whenever you want to refresh the scent.
Hot tip: break in half and only use half for shorter ritual/altar work. Half still lasts a long time and is usually plenty for most individual uses.

Incense Charcoal

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