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LoveLove increases the impact of love on any situation. Promotes qualities of the self that lead to being more loving.
Excellent for tension, fighting, and resentment between people, it helps people make-up faster, increases openness, and minimizes tension between people. It nourishes connection, even in the face of difference. Uses range from right after a fight to help soothe tensions or in a wedding ceremony to increase the love. Wherever love is needed, this formula brings it.
Scent: LoveLove is seriously delicious. It opens with a distinct cinnamon that gets deeper and a little sweet as it burns, then the earthy, slight rosey notes kick in and you will fall in love with it. Not at all cloying – it’s warming and rich with a spicy sophistication.
Ingredients: dragon’s blood, orris, cinnamon, rose, patchouli essential oil

Love Love

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