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Nightmare or Spirit Dream?

The dream space is one of the most potent places of communication with the beings of the Unseen that we have.

I wonder how often people are having spirit communication dreams that they interpret as being a "bad dream" because many folks do not know that spirits often appear in forms that can be disturbing.

If you read folktales that speak of how spirits appear, you will notice that many have strange forms, or that they look human but that something is very odd about them, like their back is hollowed out or some kind of deformity is present. Spirit dreams can have elements to them that are "creepy". Even when the message is potent and helpful, it may have an element of something disturbing to it. With the demonization of spirits that has happened in the last few hundred years, along with the Hollywood horror films and halloween-ish caricatures, the modern mind is infiltrated with an aversion to these beings. I think it is important that we grow our capacity for communicating with spirits in the ways they may reveal themselves to us. I think we must grow our capacity beyond the hyper-normalized status-quo of this aversion to anything that is not obviously "love and light". I had a strange dream last night. A spirit communication. A dream where something quite potent was revealed to me and a spirit that I encountered in the dream was what anyone might call "disturbing", some would eve say terrifying. But I am not put off by such things. So I did not turn my dream into a nightmare. I was able to listen, and to learn. But it got me thinking, and wondering, how many people are having spirit communication dreams, strange dreams, that they are writing off as disturbances of their psyche or something they watched or ate and are dismissing what might potentially be a very sacred occurrence?

The spirit realm is what it is. It is we who must learn about it, we who must grow our capacity for what we might encounter. And while it may be true that few people will ever have the courage to be able to sit with a spirit as it reveals itself without freaking out, any of us who claim any relationship with the Unseen realm, or to be any kind of strange creature ourselves, absolutely should endeavor to educate ourselves, and ask to be educated by the spirits, so that we can tolerate and engage opportunities, like those that come during sleep, to communicate and deepen in relationship with them.

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Hmmmm. Something to consider. For a long time I wasn't recalling my dreams, after having had an extremely busy dream life when I was young. I can still recall certain dreams that seemed esp potent and communicative from back then and I worked seriously at understanding my dreams then, even tho I didn't find much much out there, then, to read about that and use for tools that seemed actually, truly useful to me at the time. Recently I shifted some things in my day life and the dream world is back and busier than ever, including a couple very uncomfortable dreams in the past few weeks. I'm part way through your book, haven't gotten to the part about dreams yet.…

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Andrea Ward
Andrea Ward
22 jun 2023

Thank you. It's less scary when somebody says it's okay.

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