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Everything Ends, whether we need it to stay the same or believe we are stuck

All experiences have a beginning, a middle, and an end - whether we need things to stay the same, or we believe we are forever stuck. The thing is, and humans hate this, the cycles are not ones we always control or sometimes that we can even affect. Sometimes a cycle may take years and years, no matter what we do do try to get it to shift. And what we do when this happens is care for ourselves as best we can so we can endure and do everything in our power to not make it "forever" in our heads. Enduring the "not forever" holds much more chance of getting through the inevitable cycle's span than "this isn't changing and I can't imagine this forever!" then making decisions based on this. When a cycle is gorgeous and sparkling, do not cling to it. Milk it for all it's worth, store it in the deep places of you. So when it ends, you have the essence of it as a part of what you are and you can touch it when you might need that warmth. Uncouple your cycles from the conditions they happen in. Life will use what it has at it's disposal when a cycle arrives. No matter your health or wealth or circumstance, when a cycle comes in, it comes. Sometimes the best thing we can do in any cycle that is moving through our life pattern is to take the best care we can of ourselves so as it moves, we are centered, and when it ends, we are ready.

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