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Healers: learn to read the body

A healer who cannot read the body - any healer - will miss crucial things about their client's needs that will result in wasted time, energy, expense, or effort. This is not to dis on anyone. It is to highlight the importance of our own individual needs as expressed through our physical form. No other system is as accurate or as custom as our client's own body. I don't care who you are or how psychic/gifted/educated/(insert high falootin' title here)

Are you depressed because you're depressed or because you aren't absorbing nutrients? What's the upper lip doing? Do you have the catch-all disease the doc gave you, or are you in a state of inflammation because of hormone imbalance? Look at the under-eye area. Are you addicted to food, or are you unable to digest fats so you eat even when you're full because your body needs to ingest excess fat just to get a tiny bit out of it? Let's see what the eyebrows are doing and ask some questions about cravings. Do you really have mother issues or do you have a candida overgrowth? Is that really an anxiety disorder or do you have Celiac Disease? Having debilitating mental breakdowns? I'm gonna make sure you are pooping well and regularly because constipation can trigger psych episodes.

On and on and on and on.

I listen to what my client tells me, I listen to what my superpower pattern finding abilities tell me, but none of it means jack if the body is saying something else.

Always start with the body. Address it first and eliminate it as a variable before you spend too much time going down symptom pathways based on presentation and best-guess. (The exception to this is when the client has trauma from no one being able to figure out their physical issues or this pathway is blocked and unavailable for some reason)

If doctors could still read the body, a TON of time and energy and money would not be wasted on needless tests and guessing and we would have a lot less traumatized patients.

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