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an essential course for navigating the (sometimes treacherous) adult student/teacher relationship

This is a FREE course!

Wisdom's Brew



Free Online Course for Adult Student/Teacher Relationships

Valid until canceled

This course arose as a response to an obvious need in the spiritual community. After having worked with far too many people who have had bad experiences with spiritual teachers, cult leaders, and abusive manipulators, it became quite apparent there is a serious need for a course like this. I am offering this at no cost as a contribution to the entire community of spiritual folk. 

This is an introductory course to help adults adults navigate the territory of Student/Teacher relationships. This was created with students of spiritual teachers in mind, but this course can actually benefit most adult relationships. 
Though introductory, the course is rich with information and insights. Every effort has been made to make this as comprehensive and useful as possible. 
Go through the modules in the order presented for greatest benefit. 

Workbook included!

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