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Let Yourself Be Danced

Can we please stop saying "the world" this and "the world" that? What folks are most often meaning is "the human realm".

The world is MUCH bigger than humans. There are trillions of beings that exist outside of, and in spite of, human beings.

Making the world artificially small by speaking about a very tiny part of it as if that's representative of the totality is suffocating of our truth - that we are a part of larger systems and subject to them. By paying attention to how we language things, we create, or limit, access to the extraordinary intelligence that is in and through all things. We also prevent personal accountability by implying a generic term (the world) to something that is specifically generated by us.

Conflating human-created with "the world" keeps us in a self-referencing cycle that is virtually impenetrable by the broader field of life. Not because it cannot "get in", but because we blind ourselves to it and/or actively deny its veracity and reject its influence.

It has been my observation and experience that when humans take up too much of their own field of vision, they trap themselves in the infinite variation of their own folly, even as they feel it to be vast and grand.

All of us belong to the miracle. We benefit greatly by releasing our attempts at being in the driver's seat and letting ourselves be danced by the terrifying wisdom that is more ancient and extraordinary than even the greatest mystics among us can grasp.

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