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Savage Awakening


Is the process of coming into conscious relationship with the Primal Intelligence of Life

This is no easy matter - as beautiful and profound as it may be, it is not all love and light. Coming into relationship, into right relationship, means we must stop centering the human-created reality field. This is a difficult process of shedding conditioning, both cultural and familial, as we also learn to awaken to becoming dynamically rooted in the wider field of aliveness. 
It can be brutal. And not just because we are on a huge learning curve and facing, often for the first time, the ramifications of centuries of disrespecting and harming the countless beings of this world, but also because the field we are attempting to leave actively antagonizes our process. In other words, we are often what can best be described as "attacked" for trying to leave. This shows up from difficult to life-threatening. At least in the beginning stages.
I began developing this model when I formally stepped onto this path at the age of 7. It has been 45 wild, brutal, gorgeous years in the making. This model has been utilized in various ways with thousands of people in my private practice and is based on lived experience, sacred truth, and profoundly intimate relationships. 

It is an alternative to New Age, Psychotherapeutic, Religious, Thought-based, and disconnected paradigms. 
Savage Awakening is unapologetically ecosystemic - i.e. deeply relational - where we are IN the circle of life and participate as members of a broader community of beings, both seen and unseen, with respect and care. 
Savage Awakening is not the preferred path of most modern people. But the witched, the connected, many healers, and many sensitive people will find in this program the orientation, tools, needed skills, and sacred respite they have been needing to feel safe, sane, seen, and equipped to walk the path that is pulling them Deeper. 
Savage Awakening is my Signature Offering and is in the process of being created for you. Please join below to be notified of when this course launches.

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