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For the love of all that is holy, please do not ascend

We don't keep "ascending", "expanding", "evolving".

We grow roots into the relational field and LISTEN. We listen to what arises, what pulls, what needs. We do not listen from our sense of self-benefit. We do not listen for what is there for us to own. We listen as a part of Life. We offer and we ask on behalf of our own needs for safety and comfort, but we do this as a part of the web, not as an insulated, special exception.

Seeking, looking inward, growing - these are temporary stages we go through, not places we make home. And if we are in a stage of seeking, looking inward, growing, we do this with a firm effort to root and live from the vast web of Life, not from rooting into things that center our comfort and desires.

None of this is to say you should not have personal desires or needs for comfort. Nor that any of us must be martyrs by sacrificing ourselves to the rest of life.

It is to say that any path or method you choose must have an implicit foundation in relational dynamics and metaphysics for you to truly benefit. Any path you choose should be informed by the wisdom and feral swirl of the ecosystems you belong to. In this way, we function from belonging within Primal Reality, not from our ideas and hopes and fears and the stories that have been made up about this holy life. And in this way our deeper needs are met, even when we do not have any connection to what they actually are. The modern mind is often oblivious to the profound necessity of true belonging, so we seek paths whose foundations reify separateness, even as they promise fulfillment, not realizing how shallow such soil is.

So many people claim "connection" when their view is as a steward, above life, giving attention or approval or acknowledgement from above it, as if Life needs this. We do not know how to be relational as equals because some separate part of us cannot bear that we are not more special or exceptional than everything else. We have not grown enough past our isolation and the weakness this makes, even as it is promoted as power. It is not glorious to an isolated self to be as sacred as any other thing. No, we must be most sacred, most favored, most intelligent, most above. So, shrouded in the glitter and glow of our ignorance, we cut ourselves off from our true home, our true nourishment, feeding our starvation day dreams.

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