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Purity shmurity

Just want to put this out there:

I was researching a particular flower essence and the guy was saying you need a certain kind of crystal singing bowl and that the bowls should never be used for anything else but essence making (lest their vibes be tainted) and are to be kept away in some room where there are no energetic disturbances. Yeah, he said this.

There is some weird obsession with "purity" that I see honestly mostly with white and new-agey folks.

Like use a special separate thing you designate only for a particular sacred purpose and it never is exposed to "lower vibrations" (i.e. daily life) and is kept in a special gamma ray blocking blessed box or what have you.

Your foods need to be "clean". You need to purify yourself. Just keep the ick off of all the things.

It's just got this whole vibe of privilege and puritanism and is just....ugh, ffs.

First of all, not all of us can afford these special bowls, much less to use them only for one thing.

Second of all, what is wrong with life? Like earthly stuff?

Not everyone has access to "clean" foods.

Not everyone has access to certain "high purity" instruments.

Besides, your attitude and good relationships with the world around you is where the "purity" or holiness is. The world itself is sacred. You aren't going to make it more sacred by making it untainted. You make it more sacred by cleansing yourself of shitty elitist conditioning and separation and the deeming of earthly things impure. You make it more sacred by clearing your vision and getting so embodied your own cells are singing in their holiness WITH the rest of the sacred.

I'm not saying there isn't a place for keeping sacred items in special conditions. I'm saying when it is done with an attitude of "purity" rather than "honoring" is when it is problematic.

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