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Breathing Fire

The Dragon Mother's Guide

The Art of Becoming

Three Wednesdays
May 25th - June 8th
6 - 8 PM PST Online

What does "growth" look like for Dragon-Spirited folk? For the children of the Great Mother?
For Spirit Workers and Feral Witches?

How do we be what we truly are in this world? What does spiritual work and personal growth look like for us?
All the psychology and New Age programs on the planet are, at best, going to be something you draw from to patch together some kind of rickety bridge for yourself.
What do we
actually need, those of us who are connected to the Deeper Powers of this world?
In Breathing Fire, I show you exactly this.
This program is foundational to everything else you will learn with me. It's foundational to any path you walk. It's foundational to being what you are:

  • As a vessel for Deeper Intelligence

  • As an agent of Wyrd

  • As a bridge, emissary, mouth, and hands of the Great Mother

  • As a Witch, Oracle, Sorceress

  • As any of these in a human body during modern times


In this program we are going to address the fundamental needs Wyrd folk have.

We will cover:

  • The 4 Pillars of personal growth that will allow you to self-diagnose and self-prescribe so you can accurately discern what you need

  • Wyrd - understanding the weaving of fate and the unfolding of Life - this is essential for us and will be game-changing for you

  • Right Relationship to the Unseen Powers

  • The necessity of a spiritual practice and various ways to do this

  • The #1 concept that will liberate you from modern conditioning and drop in to WHAT IS

This path transforms us. It is a very different way of being than our social reality sees as valid, much less understands or supports.
What does it mean to "be grown by" rather than "work on personal growth"? What is Becoming and how can we be centered and rooted in this profoundly sacred state while we are being turned inside out and upside down?
What ARE we?
How can we be what we truly are and thrive?
What does thriving look like on this path?

Please join me and let's find out.

Thank you for your interest. Registration has Closed for this course



Q: Will I learn everything I need in this course to be on this path?
A: This is a FOUNDATIONS course - it will set you up for deeper work and understanding. This path is profound, deep, complex, and very, very dimensional.
Savage Awakening is the program you will want to take next as it covers more in-depth this way of being.

Q: Is there a money back guarantee?
A: Yes. You will have 3 days starting the day of the first class to ask for a full refund. After this, no refunds will be given.

Q: I have been on this path for many years - am I "too advanced" for this course?
A: I can't answer that directly without talking with you. But I can tell you that this isn't "beginner" material - it's foundational material. What is here is core, and can be quite advanced. Also, if you work with people in any kind of healing or teacher capacity, you will definitely want to take this class.

Q: I am pretty new to this path - will this course be too hard/advanced for me?
A: I wish I had this course when I was early in my path! Also, some of it might be. But you will be in a community of helpful, lovely folks - you can ask questions and witness conversations happening, which will be immensely helpful. Plus, the concepts and tools you learn here will drastically reduce your learning curve and growth on this path. You will use this learning the rest of your life and you can come back to the course again and again as you grow.

week one workbook
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